As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Abide in my love. John 15:9

Lord Jesus, how can it be? How is it possible that you love us just as much as the Father loves you? What a blessed, little 2-letter word “As” is. “As”—to the same degree, with the same delight, for the same eternity—you love us.

And thank you for commanding us to “abide” in your love—to make your love our permanent abode, the air we breathe, our bread and water, the sheets we sleep between. Hallelujah! This is the best ever command we get to obey—for your glory and our good.

Jesus, pour the miracle-grow of your Spirit on us, so we’ll continue to sprout and flourish in the “length and width, height and depth” of your love (Eph. 3:18). We want to live as a mobile garden of grace.

Otherwise—let’s see, we could always choose to “abide” in our fears—fear of people, fear of missing out, fear of dying, fear of getting old (to name a few). Or we can forever-dwell in (and on) things that make us angry, people who don’t “get us,” or regrets and resentments we just can’t (won’t) let go of. Hmmm… when written out, those “abides” don’t look so good.

Lord Jesus, whatever you command, you resource, so free us to abide in your love every day this week. Then we’ll pray about next week. Amen, so very Amen.