My soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him. Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken. My salvation and my honor depend on God; he is my mighty rock, my refuge. Trust in him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts to him, for God is our refuge.” Ps. 62:5-8


Lord Jesus, nothing compares with the rest we have by you, and in you. You are our Sabbath Rest and “Year of Jubilee,” our sovereign King and better-than-Good Shepherd. Abba has made you our “righteousness, holiness, and redemption” (1 Cor. 1:30). Our standing in grace is inviolate, our rootedness in your love is deep, and hiddenness in you is complete. Hallelujah!

All of this is hard for us to grasp, Jesus, for we are riddled with performance-based living, unbelief, and Gospel-amnesia. We theoretically affirm grace, but actually live by karma—“you get what you earn and deserve.”

But our honor and hope come from you, Jesus. Make that more real to us than ever. Continue to free us from looking to people’s words and affection for our honor—that is, our worth and identity. And quickly rescue us when we seek to build our hope on what we see in the mirror, in our savings, and in our world.

Jesus may your kindness tame our restlessness, and your love calm our fears. Bring your grace to our frayed edges, messy stories, and yet-to-be known outcomes. Thank you for being so generous, so at work in all things, and so ready to return for us. So Very Amen.