The Gospel as the “A-to-Z” of Life

“Acting in line with the truth of the gospel...” Gal. 2:14

Lord Jesus, some of us grew up thinking of the Gospel primarily as how we begin a relationship with you—the welcome, entrance, and door to eternal life. The good news is, it’s that and so much more.

The Gospel is the “A-to-Z” of life because you are the Alpha and Omega—the beginning, middle, end of all things. For you are Creator, Sustainer, Redeemer, and Consummator of all things. Hallelujah!

To “act in line with the truth of the Gospel,” is to view every sphere of life in terms of you. It’s to make these kinds of questions our first thoughts and queries:

  1. “What are the implications of Jesus’ life, death, resurrection for this relationship, this new opportunity, this challenging situation, this… (anything and everything)?”
  2. Not, (What would Jesus do, if he were here?), but, “What is Jesus doing here, right now?” “How is our Lord calling us to think about money and time, the beauty of creation and the brokenness in our culture?”
  3. “How does Jesus’ present and coming Kingdom compel us to care about the salvation of our neighbors, the ugly of racism, the evil of human trafficking, global missions, the health of his church?”

Indeed, Lord Jesus, to “act in line with the truth of the gospel,” doesn’t mean we’ll always be the “sweetest” person in the room, but nobody will be more redemptively present. Free us, help us, change us. So VERY Amen.