Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Heb. 13:8

Lord Jesus, until the Day of all things new and beautiful, we live in a world of all things breakable and changeable. Except (hallelujah) for you.

You never change, atrophy, or morph into something better. That doesn’t make you predictable. Even less so, it doesn’t make you manageable. But it does mean that we can trust you and rest in your love, no matter what is going on in our hearts, circumstances, and world.

Likewise, your love and rule neither peak nor dive, wax or wane, have a high tide or low tide. Lord Jesus, you are the one and only constant in our lives—not static, but gloriously dynamic.

Disruption and change don’t have sovereignty; only you do. Nothing is random in this world. Nothing catches you off guard. The scary becomes the sacred when we’re wearing the lens of the Gospel. Hard providences become the theatre of mercy and grace, the better we know you.

Lord Jesus, help each of us accept disruption and change as parts of a better story than we could/would write for ourselves. As Author and Perfecter of our faith, you write with a loving hand and Gospel-ink. Until heaven, may we love you with abandon and serve you with gladness. So very Amen we pray, in your merciful and matchless name.