Stewarding Our “Impossible-with-Man” Stories

  Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.” (Luke 18:27). “Do not be afraid, I am...’ (Rev. 1:17)


Dear Jesus, what would we do without your welcoming heart, steadfast love, and daily mercies? Some of us are running to the throne of grace today, primed for a miracle. Others are moving as quickly as exhausted hearts and legs will let us. Some of us have broken down on the mercy-road, not sure if we can risk hoping again. Thankfully, we don’t have to worry about putting ourselves in a healing pool (John 9:1-12); for our Father has hidden our lives in you, Jesus, and you are living in us as our “hope of glory.” We are now and forever grateful.

Some of us are more certain of “glory”—(being with you when we die), than we are certain we can survive our current crisis, ordeal, and “impossible-with-man” situation. Jesus, these words either voice our own cry, or the cry of people very dear to us. In both cases, we come to you today.

We don’t really care how you do it or deliver it, but please fulfill your promise to do beyond all we can ask or imagine. In fact, Jesus, we’ll gladly settle for what we can ask and imagine. If the storm isn’t going to go away soon, at least let us see you walking on the water towards us. If the fire isn’t going to be extinguished quite yet, or we’ve not going to be delivered from the “heat” by this Saturday, at least let us unmistakably feel your presence with us in the furnace, Jesus.

Though some things are confusing, of this we are certain… and in this hope we will take our next and final breath. Jesus you love us. You are our perfect righteousness, our peace with God, and our forever-trustworthy Shepherd-King. So Very Amen.