Seeing God’s Beauty More Clearly Than the World’s Brokenness

Photo by Natalie Pedigo

     One thing I ask from the LORD, this only do I seek: that I may dwell in the house of the LORD all the days of my life, to gaze on the beauty of the LORD and to seek him in his temple. Psalm 27:4 (NIV)

Heavenly Father, it’s only through the gospel of your grace we see and experience your beauty. Until grace breaks upon the horizon of our hearts, your loveliness remains veiled to us…  by the darkness of our unbelief and the shadows of our idols, layers of bad teaching and the busyness of our lives.

But as the gospel does its work in our hearts, your splendor outshines the sun, your excellences stagger our imagination, and your kindness melts our hearts.

We see your beauty in the things you’ve made, Father. Creation often shouts your majesty, and sometimes it whispers, to quiet our noisy hearts. Open our eyes wider. Grant us jaw-dropping wonder as we come more alive to your fingerprints everywhere… in the mountains of Peru and the playfulness of puppies; in the aroma of baking bread, and your artwork with ever-changing clouds.

Father, we also see your beauty in people—in every person, especially in their smiles. Though we’re all broken, yet as your image bearers, each of us reveals glimpses of your loveliness. Continue to heal how see one another. Remove the cataracts on our souls and heal the astigmatism of our hearts.

But we especially see your beauty in Jesus, Father. No one has ever seen you completely, but Jesus has made you known to us (John 1:18). In Jesus, we see the magnificence of your mercies and the grandeur of your grace; the wonders of your love, and the reach of your rule. Show us more of Jesus, much more.

We long for the Day when we’ll see the unfettered, unfiltered beauty of your face (Rev. 22:4), for that will be our first Day in the new heaven and new earth. Hasten that Day, LORD. Until then, we bless you for your commitment to make all things beautiful in their time, including us, Father. So very Amen we pray, in Jesus’ tender and triumphant name.

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