Regular “Reps” of Praise, Gratitude, and Contentment

  “Praise the Lord, my soul, and don’t forget a single one of his benefits to you.” (Ps. 103:2)


Heavenly Father, age doesn’t just atrophy muscle mass, but also “gratitude-mass” and memory-muscle. Thankfully, having a strong “core” doesn’t mean we sport “6-pack-abs.” Likewise having a good Gospel-memory doesn’t require perfect recall—just regular “reps” of praise, gratitude, and contentment. So on this May Tuesday, here we go.

Father, thank you for the glorious salvation you gave us in Jesus. By your sovereign goodness, you revealed the depth of our need, then enriched us with the gold of your grace. We’re hidden in Christ, clothed in Jesus’ righteousness, and rooted in your love. All day long we’ll be children of your affection, the focus of Jesus’ prayers, and kept by the Spirit’s power.

With a roof over our head, a place in your Story, and death now as “gain,” why would we ever get stuck in worry-and-whine or blame-and-shame? Thank you for friends who invite us to pray and to play. Friends who enjoy pondering your glory in creation and mining the riches of the Gospel. Friends who feast on grace manna, apple fritters, veggie-burgers (trying to be all-menu sensitive), gluten-blessed and gluten-free bread. Friends who linger well, and laugh and lament at just the right time.

Father, thank you that though we’d love to be healed this day, we will be healed one Day. Nothing broken will remain. No tears will be left un-wiped. We will see Jesus as he is, and we will be made like him (1 Jn.3:1-3). In these great “benefits,” and with this compelling hope, we enter this day to live and love to your glory. So Very Amen.