Regardless of Age and DNA, Let’s Get Thankfulness-Muscled

  Praise the Lord, my soul, and don’t forget a single one of his benefits to you. Ps. 103:2


Heavenly Father, age doesn’t just atrophy muscle mass, but “gratitude-mass” as well. But I’d far rather finish this life muscular with thankfulness than sporting “6-pack abs,” so here goes. (Friends, here’s my list. “Amen!” what’s yours, and tell our Father other things for which you’re grateful/hopeful)

Thank you for an over-the-top glorious salvation in Jesus. By your sovereign goodness, you revealed the depth of my need, then lavished the riches of your grace on me. I’m hidden in Christ, standing in grace, and rooted in your love—an object of your affection, and a subject in your unshakeable Kingdom. I live as a target of Jesus’ prayers, and as a son in whom your Spirit dwells. Hallelujah!

Thank you for a recently celebrated 50th anniversary—a testimony to your faithfulness and grace-generosity with me and Darlene. Thank you for the privilege of continuing in the ministry of the Gospel—now in my early 70’s, but feeling better than at 55.

With a roof over my head, your Story to live, and “death as gain,” why would I ever whine? I love my family, and I have dear friends who invite me to play, pray, and ponder the glories of the Gospel.

Father, thank you for making me more comfortable with mystery, and less needful of control. Regrets and shame have less crippling power, and laughter and lingering come easier. Father, I love you. Thank you for being astonishingly generous, tenacious, and patient with me. So Very Amen.