Pleased to Live in Our Father’s Pleasure

Do not be afraid, little flock, for your Father has been pleased to give you the kingdom. Luke 12:32

Lord Jesus, we gladly take our place among your “little flock“—your beloved lambs. There’s no safer place than to be in your hand and heart; robed in your righteousness, and enveloped in your grace.

Indeed, as our Good Shepherd, you laid down your life for us; and are presently leading us into the green pastures of the all-things-new kingdom—our certain and sensational life in the new heaven and new earth (Rev. 21:1-5).

It’s staggering, Jesus; make it even more so. Make it knee-buckling gladdening and heart-palpitating encouraging. It has “pleased” our Father—caused him great joy and delight, to give us to you, and to give to us his kingdom. Astonishing.

That’s “all” we are. That’s “all” we have. We may not have circumstances we can control, kids who rise up and call us “blessed,” a spouse who dotes on us, a job we love, money out the wazoo—or a lot of things we think we need, or (worse), deserve.

But, we belong to you, Jesus—mind, soul, body, and spirit. This is our truest identity, greatest privilege, and measureless treasure. And we’ve been given our Father’s kingdom. We’re co-heirs of everything with you, Jesus. What peace, joy, and hope does this generate in us?

Jesus, melt our fears with your peace; humble and gentle us. Send us forth into kingdom-service, with gratitude and expectancy. So very Amen we pray, in your great and grace-full name.