Our Relentless Quest to Belong

And you also are among those Gentiles who are called to belong to Jesus Christ. Romans 1:6

Lord Jesus, our lives are marked by the desire, delights, and disappointments associated with “belonging”—being seen, known, and loved by others. This quest for attention, attachment, and affection is written into our DNA.

Yet, sin has marred and misdirected these relational longings. Family and friendships, vocation and romance all bear witness to our brokenness.

But “the belonging of all belongings” is found only in relationship with you, Lord Jesus. As today’s Scripture makes clear, the Gospel is a calling to belong to you—body, soul, and spirit.

“Called” to belong—not merely invited, but subpoenaed into an eternal bond of favor and intimacy with you. Called to “belong”—not owned like a new car, but cherished like a new bride, with you as our ultimate Spouse. Make this more real and satisfying to us than anything else in life.

Our healthiest relationships are good gifts to be treasured; but they are only a scent and symbol of what it means to belong to you. And our most painful, disconnected relationships hurt, but they don’t define us. They make relationship with you all the more necessary and precious.

Lord Jesus, by the Holy Spirit, may we come more fully alive to our belonging-ness and beloved-ness in you. Free us from over-expecting from people, and under-believing the Gospel. So very Amen we pray, in your beautiful and bountiful name.