“The Lord longs to be gracious to you…” Isa. 30:17


Heavenly Father, what a fabulous word of encouragement right in the middle of our week. We’ll never shock you with our weakness, offend you with our brokenness, or disappoint you with our weariness. Thank you, and forgive us for thinking of you otherwise.

In the Gospel you have already been as “gracious” to us as is possible—even beyond measurability. You haven’t just acquitted us of our sin, you’ve declared us righteous in Christ, beloved as your children, and inheritors of your Kingdom. Make these realities more real and precious to us than the things that charm, alarm, and threaten harm.

Father, you also promise “grace to help us at just the right time”—grace for the moment, designer-grace shaped and timed perfectly (Heb. 4:16). At the end of June 2022, some of us need grace to love angry friends, who now believe our faith makes us their adversary. Some of us need grace to “steward” unfair criticism, unexpected transitions, and/or unknowable outcomes.

Some of us find ourselves emotionally, spiritually, physically spent. We trust you to deposit need-shaped grace into our hearts and stories. Father, thank you. You were doing so even before we asked (Matt. 6:8).

As your grace comes freely to us, may it flow just as freely through us to others. What a privilege, you have called us to live as “faithful stewards of your ‘variegated grace’”—the various, kaleidoscopic, expressions of your grand generosity for us in Jesus (1 Peter. 4:10). As we offer our listening, hearts, and hands today, use them as a conduit of your kindness and love. So Very Amen.