O my son, give me your heart...” Prov. 23:36


Heavenly Father, what a glorious paradox—you already have our hearts by redemption. Yet in this passage you ask for more of our “cardiac-core.” There’s nothing more humbling and convicting. Thank you.

So, what happens when we’re not consciously seeking to love you above everything and everyone? Communion with you gets replaced with comparing ourselves with others. We start thinking of ourselves too highly or too lowly, and certainly too often.

When we’re in heart-drift mode, we’re more susceptible to fear, judging, and anger. We become relationship thieves—robbing others and ourselves of mercy moments, and the beauty of faith expressing itself in love. A non-eternal perspective seizes our hearts, and ordinary irritants, disappointments, and failures get supersized.

So, on this January Thursday, we reaffirm our greatest joy in life is being known, loved, and enjoyed by you, Father. We love you because you first loved us, and gave Jesus to us and for us. Your love for us is always full throttle, passionately focused, and tenaciously tender. Thank you.

By the Word, Gospel, and Spirit, restore and deepen our first love for Jesus. Renew our fellowship with you, Father. Free us to hear the Holy Spirit telling us we are your much-loved children; and how Jesus truly is our righteousness, peace, and hope. So Very Amen.