No Abba-less Days

The LORD replied, “My Presence will go with you,

and I will give you rest.” Ex. 33:14

Heavenly Father, on this mystery-laced, mercy-graced journey Home, you’re always with us and completely for us—even when circumstances may seem to contradict that affirmation. We will never walk through an Abba-less day, this side of heaven.

Some of us are walking in stories of emotional pain, diagnoses that are hard, and surprises that aren’t party-fun. Hold us tight and tenderly. Thank you for not cringing at our questions, resenting our weakness, or rebuking our sadness. You are ever kind, understanding, and patient.

Some of us are going through transitions and we feel vulnerable, conflicted, and fearful. Keep us from looking back, idolizing the past. Free us from looking around, comparing and envying others. Keep us from looking within, fueling our self-contempt or fertilizing roots of bitterness. Keep us looking up, at the beauty and grace of Jesus.

Some of us are walking in difficult relationships, and we need wisdom, strength, and hope. Help us remember our family members are more yours than ours—whether they are easy or difficult to love. Help us love our spouse, kids, parents, siblings—each of them, as unto you. Free us from over-expecting from them, and under-believing you for them.

We praise you for good friends and our “gospel posse”—our closest friends in Jesus. In this next season, help us treasure the moments and share our weaknesses, laugh louder and encourage each other more and more.

Above all, by your Spirit and the gospel, deepen our relationship with Jesus in 2020. Restore us to our first love and take us to places with Jesus we’ve never been before. When Jesus is our greatest treasure, everything/everyone else gets a proper value. So very Amen we pray, in Jesus’ bold and beautiful name.