Do everything in love. 1 Cor. 16:10

Heavenly Father, “Do everything in love?… seriously? There’s only one way we can begin to love this often, this deeply, and this sincerely. It’s only because you’ve hidden our lives in Jesus, have given us your Spirit, and promise us sufficient grace. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

We love because you first loved us and gave Jesus as our perfect and complete Savior. You love us today (and always) without condition or limits, or qualifiers or disqualifiers. It’s only because of your great love for us in Jesus, that we can risk loving in the messy places, difficult circumstances, and hard providences of life. Here are a few that come to mind today. Father…

  • Help us love well when we’d rather be defensive, right, and remain a bit smug.
  • Help us love well when we’re tired, frustrated, and sleep-deprived.
  • Help us love well when we are in the presence of the broken, weak, poor, and homeless.
  • Help us love well when it’s time to deal with situations at work, in a friendship, or in our family, but we’d rather avoid the conflict.
  • Help us love well when our spouse or child needs to talk, but we dread the conversation.
  • Help us love well in the presence of people who have brought harm to our hearts.
  • Help us love well in a culture of political diatribe, divisive personalities, and unfiltered harshness.
  • Help us love well when our takeout order is wrong, our UPS delivery is late, or guests show up early.
  • Help us love well—not just use kindness or niceness to get something.
  • Help us love well when those we’re with don’t care diddly-squat about Jesus, the gospel, or eternal matters.
  • Help us love well when we don’t have control over people, situations, or outcomes, but would love to.

Father, keep us hourly alive to your tenacious, wild, outrageous, joyful, transforming love for us in Jesus. So very Amen we pray, in His merciful and mighty name.