Look for Jesus IN Your Story, Not a Moral to Your Story

Joseph responded to his brothers, “’You meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, so that many people should be kept alive… Don’t fear; I will provide for you and your little ones.’ He comforted them and spoke kindly to them.” Genesis 50:20-21


Heavenly Father, the backstory to this passage is as dark and ugly as it can get. The evil perpetrated by Joseph’s brothers started with throwing him into a pit to die, before trafficking him to pagan strangers, who sold him into slavery in Egypt.

After 13 years (not months) as a prisoner and slave, you “repositioned” Joseph to being second to Pharaoh in the Egyptian government (Gen, 37-50). Only you could have done this, Father. But it wasn’t a “rags to riches” or a “Pollyanna feel-good” story of sweet lemonade coming from bushels of sour lemons. You don’t need or endorse evil in any form. You’re not a “resourceful pragmatist”; you are the three-times-holy, Lord God Almighty.

The good you brought out of this evil is profound; but the evil did not become good or acceptable. Joseph’s brothers weren’t excused; they were humbled and forgiven. They—along with thousands of others, experienced the mystery of your sovereign power, and the greatness of your mercy and grace. Just like we do in the Gospel.

Speaking of us, whether our deepest hurt, hardest story is the result of a random accident, somebody else’s sinful choice (or our own)—from our family genetics or the comprehensive brokenness of our world—here’s the deal … the devil intends to use it for evil. Will we let him? Father, we are desperate for your help with this. Show us Jesus is our story; we don’t need a mere “moral to the story.”

We don’t understand the mystery of your sovereignty over all things and your commitment to work in all things for our good (Rom.8:28). But we count on it, wrestle with it, rest in it, and cannot fathom life without it. Help us, Father. So Very Amen, we pray in Jesus’ name.