Longing for a Grace Saturated and Strengthened Heart

It is good for our hearts to be strengthened by grace… Hebrews 13:9

Lord Jesus, this little verse must be one of the greatest understatements in the whole Bible. What will it profit us if we only eat organic foods, can run an 8-minute mile at age 80, have a cholesterol count of 125, perfectly clear arteries, and a resting heart rate of 59, and yet have hearts weak in grace?

So, take us to the gym and training table, the sauna and spa—indeed, lead us to the regimen which will cause our hearts to be saturated and grow stronger and stronger in your grace. For the more our hearts are strengthened by grace the more they’ll beat for your glory; the quicker and deeper will be our repentances; the less room there’ll be for idols, and the more fully we’ll love you with delight and abandon.

As our hearts are strengthened by grace, we’ll throw more gospel parties and less pity parties. We won’t think less of ourselves, we’ll just think less often about ourselves. We’ll keep shorter records of the ways others fail us and longer records of your faithfulness to us.

We’ll make a bigger deal about things that really matter, and a lesser deal about things that simply go with life in a broken world filled with broken people. We’ll live more missionally and less obsessively, more generously and less miserly. We’ll be more in the moment and less in a stew. We’ll worship more than we whine, bless more than we curse, and encourage more than we criticize.

As your grace strengthen our hearts, so it will shape our words, define our price tags, and determine our schedules. We’ll champion people over results, good conversation over new toys, and we’ll sleep deeper and laugh louder.

Indeed, it is good; it is very good for our hearts to be strengthened by grace. Come Spirit, come. Soak, saturate, and strengthen our hearts with God’s grace. So very Amen we pray, in Jesus’ kind and loving name.