Nothing will be impossible with God.” Luke 1:37


Lord Jesus, I’m still sitting in these words from yesterday’s prayer… “nothing will be impossible with God.” The angel was preparing your mom, Mary, for the “impossibility” of her womb becoming your home for 9 months. From there, you entered our world to “stable-ize” the cosmos and redeem your every-nation Bride… traveling from your cradle, to your cross, and your crown.

Jesus, I guess what this stirs up in my heart today, for starters, is gratitude. Thank you for your unimaginable humility and immeasurable love. But it is also stirring up my trust issues. Can I, will I trust you for things that seem impossible—things you have already “signed-on” for?

The good news is, your promises claim us, we don’t claim them. You’re not waiting for us to “name and claim” something—as though you have tied hands or need our permission to do anything.

You are calling us to love and trust you… when “darkness hides your lovely face” and we must risk, again, “resting on your unchanging grace.” Or, when like Abraham and Sarah, we’re tempted to take “matters” into our own hands, settling for an Ishmael, when you promised an Isaac. Or, when we’re so afraid, mad, shamed, or confused… the thought of buying a one-way ticket to Tarshish, like Jonah did, seems like our only option.

Jesus, I finish this prayer today thanking you for knowing our fears, weaknesses,  and our unbelief. And for not just caring about our “weary world,” but our weary selves. Today, December 9, 2022, help us… grace us… hold us… free us. You are at work. You are in control. You do love. You will redeem. Thank you, and So Very Amen.