“The seventy-two returned with joy…” Jesus said to them, above all rejoicing, don’t primarily rejoice in the fact that I use you in my service… “rejoice that your names are written in heaven.” Luke 10:17-20


Lord Jesus, what a story… you sent the 72 disciples into a world of multiple diseases, multi-faceted brokenness, demonic bondage. In your name, they extended your healing ministry—the firstfruits of your all-transforming Kingdom, which one Day will come in fullness.

Like these disciples, you have called us to live as dispensers of grace and agents of healing—liberators, reconcilers, and encouragers. Each of us has been given a place in your story of redemption and restoration. Thank you.

Sometimes the fruit of serving in your name is apparent, more often it’s a process; and can be heart-draining and body-exhausting. But our love-labors in your name are never a waste, failure, or vain (1 Cor. 15:58). This gives us hope and joy. Every Band-Aid, welcome, kindness, and cup of water we offer matters to you (Matt. 25:25-30).

 But, as this Scripture reminds us, there’s a JOY that trumps all joys, surpasses all gladness, and redefines happiness itself. It’s not tied to our being “successful in service,” but saved by your grace. Jesus, thank you for writing our names in heaven—for securing our place in your “book” and heart for eternity.

Our names are written with the indelible ink of God’s grace. Seen, known, and loved—we will never be un-born again, orphaned from your family, or have our citizenship in heaven canceled. Hallelujah! Jesus, we enter this week as your servants, but more importantly, as your beloved. So Very Amen.