Jesus Out-Compelling the Opposition

I belong to my beloved, and his desire is for me. Song of Songs 7:10

Most beautiful Lord Jesus, we belong to you, period. Make this more real than the stress we’re under, and the fears inside us. You love us more than we ever hoped, and desire us more than we can possibly imagine.

By the power of your resurrection, make our belongingness and belovedness compelling—more compelling than anything else. We have been more distracted and distressed over the state of our world, than in awe and peace over the greatness of your heart. We want that to change, Jesus, and we look to you for this work of grace in our hearts.

Though we doubt many things, we don’t have to doubt what you think of us, and what you’re doing in the world. You cannot love us more, and you’ll never love us less. Every square inch of the cosmos, and every nanosecond of time, belongs to you. You are the ruler of the kings of the earth, and the redeemer of the schemes of men.

Demons tremble at your name, and bruised reeds love your appearing. When we are afraid, you meet us right there. When we feel joy, you intend even greater joy. Today, and in these coming weeks, reel in, renew, refresh our hearts, Jesus. So very Amen we pray, in your tender and triumphant name.