Jesus’ Nearness Fuels Our Gentleness

Let your gentleness be evident to everyone. The Lord is near. Phil. 4:5

Lord Jesus, no one’s gentleness is more “evident to everyone” than yours. You remain gentle towards us—even when our “humanity” is on full display. It’s your tenderness that exposes our “crustiness,” and your kindness that leads us to repentance. Thank you, and please grow your non-anxious, peace-making heart inside us.

  • Gentle us when our bodies hurt, our hearts ache, and our minds race.
  • Gentle us when defending our “rightness” is easier than extending your kindness.
  • Gentle us when seeking 1st your Kingdom has taken 2nd place to “protecting our turf.”
  • Gentle us when our fears have a louder voice in our hearts than our faith.
  • Gentle us when “saving face” motivates us more than your saving grace.
  • Gentle us when we feel more threatened by people than loved by you.
  • Gentle us when our “buttons” get pushed and our “triggers” get triggered.

Jesus, Paul tells us in this verse, you are “near.” I can think of two precious ways. You will never leave us or forsake us, for our lives are hidden in yours. Hallelujah. And your return is also a lot nearer than we realize. Soon, Lord, please.

By your “nearness,” turn our irritation into adoration, our worry into worship, and our vexing into trusting. So very Amen we pray, Lord Jesus, in your kind and loving name.