Jesus is returning “to be glorified in his holy people and to be marveled at among all those who have believed. This includes you...” 2 Thess. 1:10


Lord Jesus, thank you for creating us to be marvellers. Those who are filled with awe, silenced by wonder, gladdened by greatness—undone then “re-done,” as we experience the visual, auditory, culinary, aromatic, tactile realities of life. Thank you, Jesus… you didn’t design us for boredom, dullness, and lethargy—but to be alive, fully alive.

But everything true, good, and beautiful we experience in this life is just a whisper, prelude, and foretaste of the life we will enjoy forever in the new heaven and new earth—starting with you, Jesus. As Paul wrote in our passage of the day, you are coming back to be “marveled at” by we who know and love you.

That’s because you are the marvel in marvelous, and the great in greatness. Indeed, Jesus, you are the heartbeat, substance, and crescendo of everything we hope for, dream about, and deeply crave. You will make heaven “heavenly.” You will make eternity eternally exhilarating. On that Day, we will finally and fully realize this.

Jesus, the clearest expression of our sinfulness, brokenness, and foolishness is that look to mere people, and things you have made, to “fill us up.” Thank you for already forgiving us in the Gospel; keep freeing us by the Gospel. You’ve already given us a new heart; keep filling it with yourself. So Very Amen, we pray in your all-glorious name.