Jesus Gives Us Every Good Thing We Have


I said to the Lord, “You are my Master! Every good thing I have comes from you.” Psalm 16:2 (NLT)

Lord Jesus, as we meditate on these words of King David, our response is quick and simple. “Amen, amen, and amen.” You are our Master and Redeemer, Creator and Re-Creator, our Bridegroom and Inheritance—the true King of whom David was a whisper and hope.

Every good thing we have comes from you. For you are the fountain of pleasures and the source of all true delights; the wellspring of lasting joy and the guarantee of deep satisfaction. You give cheerfully, not begrudgingly. You love lavishly, not reservedly. You redeem fully, not partially. In your time and in your way, you will make all things new and beautiful, including us.

Of all the idols and inheritances our tempt-able, wandering hearts might chase after, you alone are to be desired and treasured, Jesus. Compared to you, all other gold is fool’s gold; all other currencies are worthless counterfeits; all other riches are rotting rubbish.

Jesus, by the grace and truth of the gospel, you have changed the price tags in our lives, and have turned things right side up. Continue to do so. For our life is now Christ, and death has become gain. Boasting in weakness is our freedom; and posing and pretending are slavery we have fled.

Humility is the way up, and pride is the way down. Performance-based living is a dark curse and resting in your righteousness is the way of eternal joy. Hallelujah!

Because of the bitter cup you drank, our cup is now a bottomless cup of mercy, grace, and love. We are humbled, grateful and at peace, Jesus. On this May Sunday, we offer you our praise and thanks. So very Amen we pray, in your tender and trustworthy name.


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