“I will refresh the weary and replenish every languishing soul“ (Jer. 31:25). “You have kept count of my tossings and put my tears in your bottle” (Ps. 56:8).


Lord Jesus, you rule from the throne of grace with eager welcome, great kindness, and burden-bearing love. When we are our weakest and “deplete-est”—like “flickering candles” and “bruised reeds” (Matt.12:20), you don’t critique us, you console us. Thank you for remembering our tossings and tears, but not our sins.

Many of us in Nashville (and globally) are nearing sadness overload, as we bury loved ones and little ones. Our “heart-water” tank is running out, and we’re starting to weep dry tears. Numbness is something we both welcome and fear.

Heart-peace, soul-rest, living-hope—you promise and provide all three, Jesus. Again, thank you. You shoulder-under the weight of our weariness. and walk with us in the ache of our waiting. In 73 years of life and 55 years of knowing you, I’ve never offered and heard so many, “How long, O Lord’s?”

We really are ready for you to come back, Jesus. And we really are grateful “Easter week” is upon us. In the coming days we will ponder afresh why you came into our world, why you came into Jerusalem on the foal of a donkey, and why you came out of your tomb a week later.

Because you did, the goodbyes we offer around these fresh graves are so painful, but so temporary. For you have born our sin and taken our judgment, killed death and robbed the grave. There is devastation in our hearts, but no separation from your love. We grieve so deeply, Jesus, but we grieve with real hope. So VERY Amen.