But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, PATIENCE, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Gal 5:22-23

Lord Jesus, I’m grateful these 9 “pieces” of fruit are “produce” of the Spirit, not character traits we simply will into existence. That being said, I rediscovered yesterday just how stubborn and resistance I can be to the Spirit’s in-the-moment work. Thank you for forgiveness and new mercies this morning.

Heading out on vacation, with an Eagles song echoing in my heart “Peaceful, Easy, Feeling,” I was all smiles. Great Southwest seats, grandson and wife right next to me, then, my control idol had an early-trip test. Not one, but three families tried to put lap-babies in seats they didn’t pay for. Twenty minutes later, and tension in the cabin, we took off.

An hour later, baggage-claim, here we come… and stay for 25 minutes, as mine was the last bag from a full flight. All good, rental car station, here we come… and stay for 45 minutes, as my reservation happened on a “bad computer” day.

Bags in car, but also some food under my seat from the previous driver, we headed out to get a milkshake for the comfort of our braces-tightened grandson.

Order placed at a Wendy’s drive through, then a 15-minute delay, behind a car waiting to “chat” with a manager about a watered-down cherry-lemonade. By then my control-idol was break-dancing all over the place, my attitude was emitting a foul aroma in our car, and I was worthy to be the “fruitless-fig-tree” you cursed in Israel.

All that to way, thank you Lord. Jesus. You didn’t curse me because you took the curse for me on your cross. You didn’t love me less yesterday, even as I was acting like a spoiled, Spirit-less, Gospel-ignoring child.

I am grateful today, not for a “re-do,” but for redemption. Here’s to the joy of repentance, having you as my only righteousness, and a day of surrendering to your Spirit’s work. Hallelujah, and So Very Amen.