Giving Abba What He Loves and Wants

My son (my daughter), give me your heart...” Prov. 23:26

Heavenly Father, it’s Father’s Day in the U.S, and kids of all ages have been getting cards, making art, and buying gifts for “dad.” As a son, dad, and granddad, the one gift all dads need is your grace. For you are the only perfect Dad.

Speaking of which, you who need nothing, have made it clear what you want from us, your children every single day—our hearts.

You already have our hearts—by creation and redemption. But on any given day, stretch, and season—we give our hearts to lesser loves and less-worthy “anything’s.” That you want more of our hearts should humble and gladden us.  What’s your competition? The list is long and every changing.

Sometimes it’s mere people, other days it’s more money. Fear, control, and shame also clamor for our heart’s attention—and full-bore preoccupation. Unforgiveness and resentment certainly chill our love for you, Father, sending you into the dusty attic of a corner in our heart-home.

Grateful—that’s what we are, for there’s no place we can hide from your love, way for us to exhaust your grace, or chance we’ll deter your tenacious commitment to have our whole heart.

During the summer of 2021, fill our hearts so full of your presence, kindness, and “enough-ness” there won’t be room for any sparkly trinkets, empty-nothings, or substitute saviors. Expose, shrink and topple our idols by the greatness of the Gospel. So very Amen we pray, in Jesus’ big and beautiful name.