Let all that I am praise the LORD; may I never forget the good things he does for me.” Psalm 103:2

Lord Jesus, I know it will take your return for us to praise you as you deserve— “with all that we are”. For only then will we see the fullness of your beauty, glory, and grace—no longer impacted by the myopia of our small faith, the cataracts of our brokenness, and the astigmatism of our unbelief.

However, it’s easy for me to remember the good things you’ve done/do for me—even in the past 7 days. First and foremost, I praise you for the Gospel of God’s grace—your finished work that has placed us in an eternal state of righteousness, belovedness, blessedness, and cared-for-ness. There’s nothing more than the Gospel, just more of it.

I also thank you, Jesus, for our precious friends’ Montana Ranch, which in the past week has proven, once again, to be an incubator for fresh hope and a repository of new mercies—a kindness-arena in which you invite, gentle, and renew weary hearts. It’s wonderful when good friends become grace-friends.

Our retreat topic was heaven, and you certainly gave us moments of sensing the aroma of the new heaven, and tasting the culinary delights of the new earth. Heaven is now more heavenly to us, Jesus, because it’s all about you. Creation declares your glory, and the New Creation sings your indescribable inexhaustible grace.

On a personal level, thank you for sending a few trout my way, 9 elk perched on a hill one evening, the sight of 6 ladies’ water-coloring with paint, stories, and encouragement, and the gift of 6 brothers willing to risk, trust, and hope. Thank you, Lord Jesus.