God works in all things for the good of those who love him...” Rom. 8:28

Lord Jesus, every word of the Bible, in one way or another, is ultimately about you. Every command drives us to you. Every promise is fulfilled by you. Every story “whispers your name.” Yet there are some passages that will always (thankfully) indite our unbelief, and invite us to rest in your love. Romans 8:28 is certainly one of those passages.

It’s not a Band-Aid to put on a compound fracture, or a mute-button to shut down messy feelings. It’s a profound affirmation of who you are, and a clear statement of what we’re primarily called to do—to love you. Forgive us when we choose otherwise. Free us when we’d rather fret, stew, or blame than trust.

Lord Jesus, you are working in all things for our good—in the obvious and the oblique, in windfall profits and unfilled longings, when grandkids make us giggle and marriage makes us groan, when the world feels so scary and ice cream tastes so good. “All things” isn’t an exaggeration, but a declaration.

Nothing catches you off-guard. You never say “Oops” about anything. In all of it—in in every last bit of our lives, you are working, loving, and making us like yourself.

Absolutely nothing can separate us from your love, Jesus. For we’ve been called according to the Father’s purpose, have been justified by your righteousness, and are sealed with the Spirit. Thank you. Thank you today, and forever. So very Amen we pray, in your lovely and loving name.