You are mine” (Isa.43:1). “You are free“ (1Pet.2:16). I love you with an everlasting, unwavering love” (Jer.31:3). “Don’t fear, I am here!” (Jn.6:20)


   Lord Jesus, I love these 4 affirmations… “You are mine.” “You are free.” “I love you.” “Don’t be afraid.”—especially since you are the one speaking to me—and each of us. They are heart-peace, heaven-chocolate, and all I need on this, my 74th birthday. So thank you… big time.

As a kid, I remember thinking if I lived to be 70, I’d be bent over with aging bones, float my dentures in Polident at night, be a mall walker by day (well, that does happen)—with little energy, breath, while incessantly talking about the “good ole days.” I’m so glad that’s not true, Jesus, but would trust you for grace if that had been my story. The truth is, I feel better at 74 than I did at 54. Stress can rob us as surely as the lies of the devil.

Today I reaffirm that which is gladdening and humbling at the same time: “All the days ordained for me were written in your book...” (Ps.139:16). Jesus, I won’t die one minute before you will it. And yet I will die. I have no clue if I’m in my last decade, year, or month; but I do know the Gospel has never been more real, precious, and astonishing to me. And I’ve never had less fear of death, and more excitement about our coming life in the new heaven and new earth.

Jesus, until my last breath here and first one in heaven, I want to come more alive to your truth, goodness, and beauty. I want to love others as you love me. I want to invest my remaining days in your commitment to make all things new and beautiful. So Very Amen.