Cast all your anxiety on him

because he cares for you. I Peter 5:7

     Most kind and gracious Father, I slept well, but awoke restless, fitful, and anxious. I know you tell us not to be anxious about anything (Phil. 4:6), but I am. Thank you for freeing us from the pressure of pretending otherwise.

At least I’m not anxious about surprising, embarrassing, or disappointing you. The Gospel has taken care of that old bondage and slavery. Your love is unwavering. Your delight in us, your children, is constant. Your favor rests upon us permanently. Hallelujah!

So what’s going on inside of me? COVID-19 is throwing a giant LED-spotlight on a heart idol that still roams inside of me. Father, I so want to be in control over things you don’t give us control.

I’m not afraid to die; but while I live, I crave control over the health and welfare of those I love. I want economic predictability; and no more major surprises, loses, and pains in life. On a one-to-ten stress meter, I don’t want the dial to register above six. That’s a confession, Father, not an assumed right.

So what’s the best way to “steward” my restless, fitful, anxious feelings? I would surely despair if I didn’t really believe you deeply care for us. That would be the one unbearable burden. Help me, and my praying friends, to know what anxiety casting actually looks like today, and in these coming weeks.

Of these things we are certain. You promise us sufficient grace. You will give wisdom to those who ask. And your strength is made perfect in our weakness. Jesus is praying for us and the Spirit is praying in us.

As you have promised, please send your transcendent peace to guard our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus (Phil. 4:7). So very Amen, I pray, in Jesus’ trustworthy and treasured name.