Ever Struggle with Impatience? (lol)

Love is patient. 1 Cor. 13:4

Heavenly Father, among a gazillion other things the Gospel does for us, it frees us from cliches, maxims, and slogans that have nothing to do with your Word and ways. One example: The warning about asking you for patience, because it gives you “permission” to make life difficult for us. How silly. You’ve got plenty to work with, as it is, and you never need our permission to do anything.

On this Saturday morning, early in the season of Lent, I praise you for your consummate patience and kindness. Unlike me, you never get hurried, annoyed, or exasperated. Lent or no Lent, when does my impatience rear its ugly head?

  • When people take too long to get to the point, I help them finish their sentences.
  • When Amazon Prime next-day-delivery takes an extra day… or two.
  • When traffic doesn’t move quick enough, I make my poorest choices as a driver.
  • When worship leaders are too “chatty,” worshipers cough too loudly, and sermons are 1/4 Biblical exposition, and 3/4 animated-lack-of-preparation.
  • When a waiter takes my meal order, then the host seats guests at a table close to me, and they get their food before I get mine.
  • When my texts, emails, and calls aren’t returned pronto, I assume the worse, make selfish judgments, and push “resend.”

Father, forgive me. Make me a more loving man. Grow patience (along with all the other fruits of the Holy Spirit) in me. So very Amen I pray, in Jesus, merciful and mighty name.