Love is patient 1 Cor. 13:4

Heavenly Father, I’m not sure who first warned about asking you for patience—assuming you needed permission to work that grace into our lives. I ask for patience precisely because I already have plenty of contexts, situations, and relationships that showcase my ongoing need of this fruit of your Spirit.

First of all, thank you for your consummate patience with us, Father. You’re never hurried, annoyed, or irritated with us. Hallelujah!

Where is my impatience most likely to rear its ugly head? When people don’t talk fast enough, I try to help them finish their sentences. When traffic doesn’t move quick enough, I make my poorest choices as a driver. When my emails, calls, and texts aren’t returned as soon as I’d like, I get annoyed—as though no one has anything else to do in their day but respond to my communications.

I get impatient with indecisiveness that inconveniences me—as though I deserve a hitch-less, delay-less, non-waiting existence. I get impatient when checking out of stores—always looking for other lanes moving faster than the one I’m in.

I get impatient when flying—too concerned to get on and off my plane quicker than anybody else. I get impatient with grass seed that doesn’t sprout quick enough and rain than doesn’t fall often enough; worship leaders who talk too much and preachers who preach too long.

Father, if confession is good for the soul, then I should be feeling pretty good right now. But I’m feel much, much better about the Gospel—since I need the forgiveness, grace, and freedom you give us in Jesus.

I do want to be more Christlike in all things and at all times, so I ask you for a clear and transforming work of your Spirit in my heart. Make me a more patient man, for your glory and the blessing of others. So very Amen I pray, in Jesus, merciful and mighty name.