Encourage Your Friends Daily and More


Encouraging one another, and all the more as you see the Day drawing near. Heb. 10:25

     Lord Jesus, this passage has made me think about the gift of friendship this morning, and what it means to grow older together. I’m so grateful for the brothers and sisters you’ve woven into my story—time-tested friendships and new ones. Being an introvert, the journey of investing my heart relationships requires a lot of grace—grace you’ve been faithful to supply.

I’ve already gripped the handle of a few of friends’ caskets, and other friends will do the same for me one day. More than anything, I want each of us to finish well in the gospel. What will this look like and what will it take, Jesus?

I’m thankful for friendships which feel like a pair of my Birkenstocks. Comfortable, weathered, and always close by. It’s a great gift to have friends who have no need to pretend, can endure one another’s jokes, appreciate each other’s quirks, and enter one another’s weaknesses. Surely, this is a gospel gift, and yet…

And yet, we’re still vulnerable people—prone to forget Whose we are, and the Home to which we’re heading. Between now and heaven, there’s plenty of “rodeo” left in which we’ll probably experience hard providences and health challenges, family stresses and disruptive surprises. Grant us all the grace we’ll need for whatever you write into our stories. Help us be present for one another.

Jesus, all the way Home, help us hold each other accountable for believing the gospel, and free us to celebrate your goodness and sovereignty in every season. Help us take each other’s heart struggles and tears seriously, without becoming fixers. Help us declutter our minds, hearts, and schedules of unnecessary baggage. Traveling lighter seems so attractive Jesus—even necessary, from this day forward. So very Amen I pray, in your all-glorious all grace-full name.

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