Where Else Are We Gonna’ Take This Stuff?


     The best-equipped army cannot save a king, nor is great strength enough to save a warrior.

     Don’t count on your warhorse to give you victory—for all its strength, it cannot save you. But the Lord watches over those who fear him, those who rely on his unfailing love. Ps. 33:16–18 (NLT)

Lord Jesus, though we avoid it like the plague, it’s a good thing to come to the end of rope, resources, and resolve—to be in situations where all of our muscle, magic and mojo are simply not enough. Indeed, it is a gospel thing to realize we’ve never been omni-competent or enough.

For only then do we abandon ourselves to the God who has a history of parting Red Seas (Ex .14); overthrowing whole Midianite armies with three hundred gun-less soldiers (Judges 7); taking down Goliaths with a pebble (1 Sam. 17); feeding multitudes with a few fish and pieces of bread (John 6); and raising a dead man for the salvation of his people, and the transformation of the cosmos (1 Cor. 15).

Jesus, you are that dead man who now lives; and by your finished work, we now live in God’s permanent favor, unfiltered affection, and Fatherly sovereignty. Therefore, in this very moment, we abandon ourselves to you and our heavenly Father, and to whatever he chooses to do with the cares we cast on him.

There’s no other supply sufficient for our need; no other strength up to the task; no other balm adequate for the pain; no other peace sufficient for the waiting; no other hope trustworthy for the whole journey Home.

We bring our grateful but restless hearts to the throne of grace. We bring our conflicted relationships. We bring our idols, addictions, and obsessions. We bring old wounds, new challenges, and fears about the future.

We bring the brokenness of our nation, communities, and churches. We bring our lust, secrets, and sin. Where else can we go? For you alone are worthy, able, and always welcoming. So very Amen we pray, Lord Jesus, in your merciful and mighty name.

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