“I am my beloved’s, and his desire is for me.” Song of Songs 7:10


Lord Jesus, if this Scripture was just a simile, analogy, or metaphor, it’d still be awesome. But it is no such thing. It is more true than we can imagine, and more “right-now” than we realize. Though we struggle to believe it, this is the way you love us in the Gospel. In union with you, none of us is a “bridesmaid.” All of us, and each of us, is the Bride…

Upon whom your affection is fixed.

For whom you lived and gave your life.

To whom you’re returning with passion and joy.

   Jesus, make this good news real to us—more real than anything else in history and the cosmos. At its best, human romance and marriage are a wonderful hint and expression of your great love for us. Pornography is its evil corruption and deadly substitute. Affairs are snake-infested mirages in the desert of loneliness; “Turkish Delight” with evaporating delight and no Narnia; a delusional dance that inevitably becomes a funeral dirge.

Jesus, forgive us for thinking any person, or any human relationship, can satisfy the longings you put in us for yourself. Forgive us for being willing to settle for substitutes and counterfeits. Forgive us for under-believing the Gospel, and over-believing our fears, lust, and loneliness.

Jesus, dazzle us afresh with your beauty. Delight us with your desire for us. Deliver us. Only your love is better than life. Only your love is enough. So Very Amen