I am my beloved’s, and his desire is for me. Song of Sol. 7:10

Dear Lord Jesus, we believe you love us this much, because you say it’s true. But we don’t believe it as much as you intend. Heal us and free us.

Our deepest longings find their origin and fulfillment in you. Our greatest brokenness finds its redemption through you. Our lingering fears and foolishness find their release by you. Hallelujah! What a wonderful, merciful Savior you are.

We belong to you, Jesus—not by the merit of our efforts, not by the measure of our sincerity, not by the tears of our repentance, not by the pledge of our faithfulness. We belong to you, because you came to us and gave yourself for us.

By your life of perfect obedience and your death in humble submission, you paid a price beyond measure to give us riches beyond calculation. We are stunned with gratitude and smitten with joy. Nothing can sever or change our “belovedness.”

You desire us, Jesus—not because we show promise, but because you fulfilled every promise God made on our behalf. You desire us, Jesus—not because we are choice, but because we are chosen. You desire us, Jesus—not because of anything in us, but because of everything in you. Jesus, this isn’t just a game changer; it’s an everything changer. We believe you. Continue to break the chains of our unbelief.

May this all-consuming, heart-transforming, life-liberating good news free us today to live and to love to your glory, Jesus. Take us further up and farther into your heart of mercy and grace. So very Amen we pray, in your mercy-full and grace-full name.