The Day We Intensely Crave


The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through loveGal. 5:6

Lord Jesus, there are so many things that make us crave your return. For starters, “no more death or mourning or crying or pain” (Rev. 21:4). But in light of our current culture of relational fight, spite, and flight, we long for the Day when your every-nation Bride will be made perfect in love (1Jn.3:1-1).

Finally, (and fully), we’ll love each other the way you love us, Jesus. The New Command (John 13:34-35) will no longer have to be commanded. All of our relationships will be perfect, beautiful, and fulfilling—an expression of the life, joy and intimacy you enjoy with the Father and Holy Spirit.

We’ll never fail or hurt one another again—no more meanness or madness, bitterness or badness, abuse or misuse; no more trading barbs, licks, or looks.

We’ll never have to apologize, forgive and reconcile about anything. There’ll be no more gossip, only gospel; no more harmful communication, for even our body-language will speak grace. There won’t be any insiders or outsiders; “pecking order” or ordering one another around; no braggadocio or breaking confidences.

All racism, prejudice and tribalism will be history—replaced with love, honor and the richest community imaginable. No one will be labeled “immigrant,” or called “illegal.” We’ll all be your welcome, beloved children, at Home by grace.

No more church splits or spats; no more worship wars or wagging tongues; no more church shopping or hopping; no more bickering, backbiting, or bitterness. Hasten that Day, Lord.

Until then, Jesus, bring the power of the gospel to bear in extraordinary ways. Grant us greater grief and quicker repentances, over the ways we love poorly. Stun us again and again and again with how much you love us. There’s no other way we’ll change. So very Amen, we pray, with conviction and hope, in your grace-full name.


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