Christmas Day Wonder, Gratitude, and Joy

The Savior—yes, the Messiah, the Lord—has been born today in Bethlehem, the city of David! Luke 2:11 (NLT)

Lord Jesus, it’s the day angels “harked,” shepherds ran, Mary treasured, and Herod hated. For God so loved the world, he gave you—blessed Savior, Christ and Lord. Great is our joy and deep is our worship.

Tiny Bethlehem—the “house of bread” has given us bread from heaven. We were famished, filling ourselves at empty buffets—binging on that which can never satisfy. But you came as the Bread of Life, and now we endlessly feast at the banqueting table of your welcome and grace.

The city of David gave Israel her beloved shepherd-king. But what King David could never be, you became for us—the Good Shepherd who laid down his life for his sheep—the true King who defeated evil, saved us from our sins, and makes all things new.

You care for us with relentless compassion and tenderness—even as you rule over every cricket, king, and crisis. The greatness of your government, and the growth of your peace, will never end. Only your kingdom is unshakable and everlasting.

Every promise God made finds its unequivocal and irrevocable “Yes!” in you. You are the resolve for all our fears, the answer to all our hopes, the balm for all our aches, the healing for all our ills—our complete forgiveness and perfect righteousness. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

We bow before you in joyful adoration and dance before you with unfettered jubilation. For you are the Lord of Lords, very God of very God—presently reigning over everything and working for our good in all things.

Jesus, as we celebrate your 1st Advent at the end of 2018, our passion for your 2nd Advent has greatly intensified. We crave the Day when every tear is wiped, death will be done, mourning will be gladness. How long, Oh Lord? May it be soon. So very Amen we pray, in your magnificent and merciful name.