Anxiety-tossing, Dread-offloading Grace

Casting all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you1 Pet. 5:7

Heavenly Father, it’s an unparalleled joy to know how much you care for us. We always need your welcoming heart, broad shoulders, and sufficient grace. On this July Friday, we’d love to offload a bunch of our dread-baggage on you. Thank you for catching every care we cast.

Receive our weariness from living in a world infected with anger, COVID, and an inflated sense of self. Take our concerns about outcomes we can’t control, plans that must remain fluid, and an election 4 months away. Help us see the occupied throne of heaven with 10/15 vision, and let us feel the peace that permeates the place.

We give you the stress and burdens we carry for people. You haven’t called us to be people-fixers, but Jesus-worshippers and Father-trusters. Give us thick skin—not like armadillos; but the armor of faith and hope. And give us big hearts—not like golden retrievers; but hearts filled with your Spirit, Gospel-savvy, and kingdom kindness.

You’ve numbered our hairs, sorrows, and days. You know our fears, and bottle our tears. You have the heart of every king in your hand, and the timing of Jesus’ return perfectly set. There are no wrinkles in your brow or second-guessing in your courts. Hallelujah.

Father, whenever we’re tempted to doubt your care, may Jesus’ cross loom large in our gaze. For it was there you bore the greatest of all our burdens, and demonstrated the incomparable riches of your grace. So very Amen we pray, in Jesus’ matchless and merciful name.