“I stand at the door and knock. If you hear my voice and open the door, I will come in, and we will share a meal together as friends.” Rev. 3:20

Lord Jesus, you’re not lonely or cold, and you don’t need our permission to “come in.” Your “knock” is both a rebuke and a kiss. How do we get so busy, distracted, or satisfied with lesser things, we don’t even recognize when we’re no longer enjoying unrushed, heart-connecting, time with you?

It’s like we’re okay with social distancing from you, without a pandemic. The only thing we’d “catch” from you is grace upon grace. Thank you for constantly pursuing us. Thank you for always initiating fellowship, communion, and nourishment with us.

Though we’d never presume to call you “friend,” you call us your friends (John 15:15). In fact, you’ve made us your betrothed bride—longing for the Day when a table meal becomes a wedding feast. Thank you, Lord Jesus. Thank you for loving us that much.

Though you could kick down the door, climb in through a window, or come in through the “crawl space,” you knock on our heart’s portal each day. Daily mercies, Gospel-manna, living water… your very self, that’s what you give us.

It’s not about us making you a “priority,” or making you anything. It’s about you making us yours—by your life, death, and resurrection. Convicted, humbled, and grateful, we welcome you in, Lord Jesus. So very Amen.