Your unfailing love is better than life itself; how I praise you! Psalm 63:3

Lord Jesus, May 5th, 1972, Darlene and I got married—clueless about the brokenness we carried, way more clueless about the riches of the Gospel. On this, our 49th anniversary, we’ve never been better friends, or more committed to receiving and giving your grace, every day.

Thank you for rescuing us from the silly (dangerous) notion that if we “married the right person” our intimacy-tank would always be full. A human spouse makes a lousy Savior-substitute. There’s a place in our hearts reserved and shaped like you, Jesus. In fact, you are the only Spouse we’ll be married to forever. Only your love is unfailing, and enough.

By your grace and Spirit, we repent quicker, encourage more, and “bug” each other less. We can freely weep, loudly laugh, and deeply trust you to be at work in all things for our good. We’re not crazy about the aging process, but accept it as a part of our eternity-journey.

And Jesus, a big thank you for the friends you’ve given us in this season of life. Life was never meant to be lived in isolation, desperation, and denial. What a gift—to have friends who are Gospel-hungry, struggle-honest, fun-wired, mission-engaged, and heaven-bound.

One day, Darlene or I will bury the other. Tears and gratitude will be in abundance. Until that day, keep freeing, healing, and growing us—and using us any way you choose. So very Amen we pray, in your peerless and exalted name.