He gives us more grace” James 4:6


Heavenly Father, not as a cliché, lucky “rabbit’s foot,” or mantra—but as our spiritual oxygen and sure hope, we take this promise very seriously today. No matter our context, conundrum, or crisis, you always give us more of your grace—more of your riches of Jesus for the poverty (bankruptcy) of our situation.

Just when we’re about to throw in the “hope-towel,” because the darkness feels too dark, you give us “sane-ing”-grace. You bring us back to Gospel-sanity—throwing the spotlight, once again, on Jesus’ empty tomb, your occupied throne, and our coming life in the new heaven and new earth (Rev. 21:1-22:6).

Just when we’re about to enter a float in the “cynicism-parade”—weary from all the meanness and madness, “biting and devouring” (Gal. 5:15), you give us sufficient-grace. Not sufficient as in “barely enough,” but as in “surely enough.’ Kindness, not badness, will win.

Just when we’re about to appoint ourselves as judge and executioner for a wide range of people that annoy, irritate, and infuriate us, you pour sanctifying-grace into our hearts. You knock us off our self-righteous high horse, and show us ever-so-clearly, nobody needs Jesus and his grace more than us (than me).

Just when we’re close to isolating in shame, running away in disgust, or medicating our pain foolishly, you give us more saving-grace. Until Jesus returns, we are your have-been-saved, are-being-saved, and will-be-saved children. Thank you, loving Father. So Very Amen.