A Prayer for Strength
I can do all things through him who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13
Jesus, this verse has been underlined in my Word, pasted on my refrigerator, even needle-pointed by my grandmother, but today I need to believe this promise and see your faithfulness at work. I’m desperate for the strength you alone can give, Jesus. There are temptations at work in my heart of overwhelming vexing power. You have promised that I will never be in any circumstance that will not also find you providing a way of escape. Show me the way, dear Jesus.
There are people that have more functional power over my heart than you, Jesus, and this is not right. Their praise can “complete me”, their rejection, even their frown, can destroy me. Give me your strength to take back my heart, from the influence of such people. I cannot love anyone to whom I have given such idolatrous power.
There are people in my life who are choosing to live very destructively. Marriages, health and your glory are on the line. I need strength, Jesus, to get involved, where frankly, I’d rather not. It would be much easier just to “pray from afar” than to run after a prodigal or two. Strengthen me so that I will not wimp out. You pursued me, and you pursue me still. Be such a persistent lover through me in these messy situations.
Lastly, Jesus, I need strength even to seek you, and I am embarrassed to confess it. It’s much easier to watch TV than read the Scriptures. It’s a higher priority to exercise my body for vanity than my heart for godliness. I’d rather gossip than pray. I make all kinds of excuses why I am not in rich fellowship with my brothers and sisters in Jesus. The truth is I have a lazy heart, exhausted from lesser things. Give me strength to return to my first love Jesus, for you alone are worthy of my heart’s affection, adoration and allegiance. Amen