“The Spirit helps us in our weakness.”  Romans 8:26

Last week at the meetings of The Gospel Coalition, one of the men pointed out that Romans 8:26 does not say, “The Spirit helps us in our weaknesses” but singular “weakness.”  Our problem is not just weaknesses.  More profoundly, our problem is weakness.  Weakness is not just one more experience alongside our other experiences; weakness is the platform on which we have all our experiences.  Weakness is a pervasive presence in all we are and do.  It will not always be so.  But for now, it is.

Every Sunday I am a weak man preaching to weak people.  Admonition has its place.  But what weak people need, more than admonition, is help.  For weak people to live the Christian life in a way that is humane and sustainable, rather than defeating and shaming, we need good news more than good challenge.

Weak sinners, continually reassured by grace, will accomplish more for Christ than they would if continually confronted by demand.  I am thankful that the Spirit meets us not in our strength but in our weakness, where alone His help enters in.