Romance is not stupid



The gospel re-dignifies romance in our romance-debunking age.  I don’t know when it happened.  Maybe in the early 90s.  But romantic music died, because something deeper inside us had died.  The romantic ideal had been so betrayed and so sinned against that it lost credibility and became the object of nihilistic mockery.

But the gospel is a love story.  The Son of God is seeking his bride – and from the wrong side of town.  He will present her to himself in splendor on that great and final day.  This is not a biblical sidebar.  It is the story.  Romance is why the universe is here.  Romance is why history is moving forward.  The nihilists are wrong.  The gospel romantics are right, and they always will be.

We married people have the privilege of displaying The Romance imperfectly but visibly in our own marriages.  How astonishing that God allows us to demonstrate the gospel in such a human way.  May we do so with beauty, for his greater glory in this generation.