Help for the helpless

“If your religion doesn’t help you, it is no religion for you; you had better be without it.”

Mark Rutherford, The Revolution in Tanner’s Lane (New York, 1929), page 266.

Yes, there are times when nothing seems to work. We feel forsaken by God himself, and we don’t know how we got there or what it means or how to get back. There are such times. But they are meant to be seasons or episodes only. They are not meant to provide the narrative. Christ is better than that.

If we have been reaching out for his hand and not finding it, we might be reaching in the wrong direction. Reaching back toward the past, however desirable, is often wrong. Reaching forward into the future, however much we must let go of, is commonly where his strength awaits us.

He is our true help, and his hand will not fail.