Fifty years ago today


Fifty years ago today, 7 September 1966, my dad and mom gave me a new Bible.  It was my senior year in high school, the first week of two-a-day football practices, and I crawled home that day, bone tired.  Mom made a special dinner for me, since it was my birthday, and dad gave me this new RSV.  As you can see, the inscription is significant:


Nothing could be greater than to have a son — a son who loves the Lord and walks with Him.

Your mother and I have found this Book our dearest treasure.  We give it to you and doing so can give nothing greater.  Be a student of the Bible and your life will be full of blessing.  We love you.



Phil. 1:6″

As I read these wonderful words at the dinner table fifty years ago today, it never occurred to me to think, “Dad doesn’t really believe that.  It’s just religious talk.”  I knew he meant it, because I watched him live it.  He was a student of the Bible, and his life was full of blessing, and I wanted what he had.  It took me a few more years to get clarity in some ways, not surprisingly.  But on this day so long ago my dad said something to me that left a deep impression.  It moved me then, and it moves me now.

Have you said this yet to your son?  If you will, he will remember it fifty years from now.