I love giving gifts. I also love books. So, I thought I’d put them together and share ten of my favorite books to give as gifts. I like to think of these as gifts that keep on giving, because their effect doesn’t just delight for a day or two—some of these books are written to be enjoyed over the course of the year.  Some of these are old favorites of mine that I’ve given for years, and some of these are new finds that I’m looking forward to sharing with others.

Daily Light is one of my all-time favorite devotional books to give. It’s great for teenagers, graduates, spouses, parents, new moms, friends . . . really anyone who wants to have a devotional that is all Scripture. To read more about why my copy is like an old friend, I wrote about it here.



I love this Scripture journal set from Crossway so much—I keep telling everyone about it! Mine is black, but now they have one in various colors. I love that I can bring just one book of the Bible with me as I study, with plenty of room for notes and writing all over the text. When we’re studying a book of Bible at church, I bring the selected book, and I have all my sermon notes in one place. It’s such a great way to have personal study and sermons all in one place. I only wish I’d had these years ago!

Please don’t judge this book by the cover. I know it may look like a typical women’s devotional, but this is no Chicken Soup for the Soul type of book. These devotionals are excerpts of writings from 12 women who lived during the 16th to 20th centuries in both Great Britain and America. It’s excellent. The biblical truths they share are still relevant today. A friend gave me a copy this year, and it’s my favorite new find.

I’ve enjoyed this book of Puritan devotions for years. If you’ve never read the Puritans, this is a wonderful way to enjoy their writings in manageable, daily readings. I find each sentence to be carefully written and each thought to be expressed with profound insight and wisdom. This devotional is great for both men and women—I highly recommend it.

I’ve had this edition of Morning and Evening (edited by Alistair Begg) by my desk for the past couple of years. It’s full of wisdom, biblical truth, and needed encouragement. This version is updated and more accessible and makes for a great gift.


I know I’ve recommend this book before (and I think at this point I’ve given it to every one of my friends), but it’s such a wonderful book to give as a gift. Every person I’ve given it to has loved its combination of truth and beauty. Ruth’s website has so many things I love—you can find more of her artistic verses, gifts, and books at Gracelaced.


If you’re looking for a good book for your kids, I love God’s Very Good Idea, by Trillia Newbell. The illustrations are fun and inviting, and the message is so needed. It’s great for kids moving out of the board book stage, but not yet ready for chapter books (around ages 3 to 7).


The Radical Book for Kids is one of my all-time favorite kids books. Champ Thornton masterfully weaves together theology, biography, biblical truths, practical application, and interesting activities all in a book that is visually appealing and easy to read. I recommend this book for youth, parents, and new believers of all ages—it is a treasure trove of biblical insight and understanding. I like to read and learn from it too!

Another book I’ve been giving to my friends with young children is this new book by Nancy Guthrie, What Every Child Should Know About Prayer. It helps explain what prayer is, how and why we should pray, and the things we can pray about. It’s a gift to teach our children how to pray, and this book is a wonderful guide.


This year, I’m planning on reading through the Bible in year. I decided to give this ESV Journaling Bible to myself as a gift so that I can record all my thoughts/questions/insights while I read and have a full year worth of Bible reading notes all in one place. Each page has ample space for notes, and I’m looking forward to getting started and having a place to record what the Lord is teaching me. There are multiple versions of these, with lots of different types of covers (in case yellow floral isn’t your thing!).