Last week, I found myself sitting by my Christmas tree, with my Bible, journal, and a moment of quiet.  Words tumbled out as I sought to still my heart in the midst of a busy season. Here are my reflections on our greatest invitation: Come!  (Is 55:1)

christmas tree

Come to the Manger

Lights bright, sparkling tree
More to do, more to see
Busy we run, tired we fall,
Is this the greatest season of all?

Longing for stillness, fearing it too
What if we miss something important to do?
Parties, food, fine clothing to wear
Dancing in the ball of Vanity Fair.

Sisyphean labor, day and night
Bound by work, blinded by sight
The stillness calls, but we do not hear
Cold and distant, but God is near

“Sit still my child,” hear Him say
Come and meet with Him today
At His table we will share
A feast for the soul, the richest of fare

It matters not, rich or poor
Seek and knock, He’ll open the door
In Him we find the joy we seek
He’s lowly in heart, humble, and meek

Come to the manger, thirsty soul
Drink from Jesus, be made whole
Word of life, wrapped in flesh
Heavenly dweller, found in a crèche

This is your joy, This is your crown
This is the reason that He came down.
Second Adam alive for you
The One that is Holy, the One that is True

Greatest gift and feast for all
Listen now, hear the call
Come to Him, find life in His name
Sing to Him, with angels proclaim:

Glory to God and peace to mankind
Freedom for the captive, sight for the blind
Healing He brings, He takes our place
King of Kings, mighty God of Grace!