I like lists-top ten lists, book lists, year end lists, new year lists, all kinds of lists. I’m always interested to see the list of best books put out by various magazines and bloggers at the end of the year. I also enjoy it when the blogs I frequent list their most trafficked posts of the year.

So, in case you were curious-or missed some of these the first time around-here are the most viewed posts from my blog in the past year.

(1) “Five Questions for Christians Who Believe the Bible Supports Gay Marriage

On such a critical matter, it’s important we think through the implications of our position, especially if it means consigning to the bin of bigotry almost every Christian who has ever lived.

(2) “10 Promises for Parents

My kids need Bible promises, but on most days I need them even more. I’m prone to wander, Lord I feel it, prone to leave the God I want them to love.

(3) “The Worldliness in World Vision’s New Hiring Policy

We are entering the days and the decade of a great shifting and sifting of evangelicalism. The capitulation will not happen all at once.

(4) “Christ and Keg Stands

Many professing Christians will live duplicitous lives-getting smashed on the weekends while still trying to be the good Christian boy or girl their parents and ministry friends imagine them to be. The problem is huge and anyone wishing to minister to college students needs to think about a biblical approach.

(5) ”University Reformed Church Votes to Leave the RCA

For the past three years, our church has wrestled with our place in the Reformed Church in America. . . . We did not come to this decision lightly.

(6) “But What About Gluttony!?!

We can’t settle for gotcha headlines and arguments that are more slogan than substance. We have to be open to reason, open our Bibles, and think this through.

(7) “What We All Agree On and We Probably Don’t In This Sanctification Debate

Maybe we agree on more of these points than I imagine. Maybe on some issues the disagreement is over matters of emphasis. Maybe my thinking needs its own tweaking. That’s all possible, likely even.

(8) “Not That Kind of Homosexuality

There is simply no positive case for homosexual practice in the Bible and no historical background that will allow us to set aside what has been the plain reading of Scripture for twenty centuries.

(9) “100 Bible Knowledge Questions

There is much more to effective ministry than passing a written test. Much more.  And yet, we do not want our staff, teachers, and officers to be biblically illiterate.

(10) “What a Difference Six Years Can Make

Conservative religious persons and conservative religious institutions could be embarrassingly wrong about gay marriage. But if they are, they haven’t been embarrassingly wrong about it for very long.

(Note:  Two guest posts, ”10 Personalities that Have No Place in Christian Marriage” and “7 Signs We Are Worshiping the Family” by Jason Helopoulos, had enough hits to make the top ten.)