Every once in awhile it’s good to blog about blogging.

Well, maybe not good, but necessary. In particular let me make some comments about comments.

1. 95% of you never comment. Many of you never check the comments. You may go about your business. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for.

2. Many of you write supportive, encouraging comments. Grateful I am.

3. Some of you offer thoughtful criticisms and make insightful comments. Well done. I have no problem with discussion and disagreement. But keep your comments short and your links to a minimum. Stay away from obnoxious rhetoric and don’t act like a scruffy-looking nerf-herder.

4. Some of you ask specific questions of me. I’m sorry, but I will very rarely answer your questions. I already spend too much time on blogging. I could spend gobs of time if I entered the fray on every discussion or addressed every query. Think of the comments more like a letter to the editor and less like a personal conversation with me in a booth at some funky Cantina.

5. Monday Morning Humor is supposed to be funny. Don’t get too worked up. You’re supposed to smile, laugh, and say “Wootini!”

6. Don’t ride hobby horses. Don’t make every post about your issue. Stay on target Gold Leader.

7. Don’t be rude. It’s a sin. Go ahead and speak passionately and forthrightly. But don’t assume the worst about others. Don’t put the worst possible construct on everyone’s motives. Let go of your hate.

8. Don’t slander. It’s also a sin. Be careful with accusations. Avoid ad hominem attacks. If you pick a fight with everyone and refuse to reason with anyone I will ban you from my blog without warning and you will go the way of Alderaan.

9. Just because you can say something strongly does not mean you have something to say. Force may be with you, but try to make sense too.

10. I hope the blog serves you in some small way. It’s a joy to write, especially knowing that it may benefit someone. Sorry I can’t personally meet you, help you, or be helped by you. Someday in heaven perhaps. It’s the real Cloud City and nothing dark, insidious, or grievous lives there.